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Water Soluble Veggie Caps - 60 count

You might not hear fulvic acid named quite as often as probiotics, fish oil, or kombucha for your health, but it’s extremely important for helping to boost the effectiveness of the immune system, aid digestion, detox, and protect your overall health.

Because we’ve depleted our soils (through pesticides, herbicides, and reusing the dirt for multiple crops without replenishing organic nutrients), our bodies are lacking the fulvic and humic acids they need for optimal health.

Soil-based organisms (SBOs) boost your immune system

There’s a reason why soil-based probiotics are gaining acceptance in health and wellness circles. People are realizing that our soil is depleted, we’re lacking minerals, and it’s time to go back to the earth for the answers.

Each capsule of Flora Revive contains:

Humic-Fulvic acid derived from high carbon humus found in ancient compacted plant material that is broken down by soil bacteria. this rich plant materials contains probiotics, prebiotics, phytochemicals, enzymes and trace minerals. It's high in oxygen and antagonistic to Candida albicans and biofilms.*

Saccharomyces Boulardii is a type of yeast that helps keep Candida albicans and gut bacteria in balance. This is a hardy probiotic that survives stomach acid and does not require refrigeration.*\

Inulin is a complex sugar from plant roots. This prebiotic stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, which helps improve digestion, immunity, and overall health*

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