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Join the Magnesium*PLUS Focus Project for you or for anyone who wants to know how their magnesium, omega-3, and vitamin D intake and supplements are working for them.  Also included in this project is a measure for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), due to the importance of magnesium to TSH function.
How can you benefit from taking any/all of these nutrients? Key information will be gathered from each participant about their levels of each of these nutrients via home blood spot tests —the magnesium red blood cell (RBC) test, the Omega-3 Index, and the Vitamin D (25(OH)D) serum test, along with TSH. In addition to the tests, information about your health will be gathered through the online questionnaire, and optional targets/goals can be added with the myTrackers feature in the software.
A special set of tracking questions have been created by Dr. Carolyn Dean to help you track the aspects of your health that are most important to magnesium intake.  Entering data into these trackers regularly can help answer questions about your supplementation, the product you are using, how often you are taking it, and how it is affecting you.
It is with the measurements from both the blood spot testing you submit and your health information that the GrassrootsHealth Nutrient Research Institute can put the power of its demonstrated science and methodology behind the information for you.

Questions that this research project can potentially answer for you include what are my nutrient levels and how those nutrient levels are affecting me?

  1. How do they seem to be associated with any various health outcomes in the total group (over 15,000) from pain to asthma to preterm births to risks of various cancers and other conditions?
  2. How do my levels and health outcomes compare with others?
  3. What do other nutrient researchers recommend?

What is participation?

Testing for Magnesium, Omega-3 Index, Vitamin D and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) twice in 6 months for a minimum of 2 sets of tests and weekly information. Each time you test, you will be completing a new health questionnaire. Every week you will be completing a tracker to monitor your results. 
The participation in the program is free but the test kits must be purchased twice – once at the beginning of the program to establish a baseline and once at the end to establish the progress made during the time of participation. Each test kit is $214.00.  
In addition to receiving the test kit and valuable personal data – you will also receive $214.00 in product discounts over the course of the 6 month participation schedule.  These discounts [$35.67 monthly on select items] are intended to generously offset the cost of enrollment in the project and support your supplementation efforts and research-targeted outcomes.
**Product discounts apply to kits purchased from RnA ReSet ONLY and coupons must be applied through the RnA ReSet website** 
Your first coupon is issued upon receipt of the blood test results at the Project Office of Grass Roots Health. Every consecutive coupon is emailed in a series of 5 emails over the next 5 months in 30 day intervals as follows:  

  • $35.67 off 16 oz ReMag
  • $35.67 off 16 oz ReMyte
  • $35.67 off Blue Ice Royal
  • $35.67 off 16 oz ReMag
  • $35.67 off 16 oz ReMyte
  • $35.67 off Blue Ice Royal
Each code is good for one year. There are no substitutions for product and the codes cannot be used during promotional sales.  
Included automatically with your participation is the use of the myData-myAnswers personalized health software along with special reports to you showing analysis of your individual data as well as comparisons of where you are with everyone else in the project.
Remember, this is a research process and so noticing the weekly outcomes of the individual is important. Each participant will receive a weekly tracker to fill out to quanify these results.  The weekly tracker is not nearly as extensive as the intake questionnaire and provides valuable tracking to each participant.

We are expecting to show a new ‘dose-response’ curve for several key magnesium compounds (each will be different based in part on their absorption capabilities) so we can more specifically correlate the information with various health outcomes—this will be a first in this industry and a great benefit to your health to enable you to more quickly target your outcomes with specific doses/actions. We will also analyze the magnesium values with the vitamin D and omega-3 values so we can share how they might support each other—again, to enable your own health decisions.


To purchase the elements test that covers other minerals and heavy metals, contact customer support 1-888-577-3703.

To get more information on this amazing program you can listen to the radio show archive featuring Carole Baggerly from Grassroots Health and Dr. Carolyn Dean:


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