Dr. Dean's Total Body ReSet

A program so safe and simple you can take all the formulas along with your medications and other supplements.


Doctor Created, Doctor Supported, Doctor Recommended

Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor and naturopath. She has made it her mission to ReSet 1 million bodies to their default setting of total health, by giving them the formulas and information to take back power over their health.

She’s authored and co-authored over 35 books including The Magnesium Miracle, IBS for Dummies, Hormone Balance and Death by Modern Medicine, and 110 Kindle books. Dr. Dean is on the Medical Advisory Board of the non-profit Nutritional Magnesium Association.


Thousands Trust Dr. Dean's Formulas including

Kevin, Ohio

Customer for 4 years

“I have tried the rest and now I stick with the best! Dr. Dean's Total Body ReSet formulas produce superior results compared to all other health supplements I have used. Thank you Dr. Dean for the gift of great health!”

Sheri, California

Customer for 2 years

“The biggest way I save money is because I don’t have to go to the doctors! Before I began taking your products, I was dealing with EXTREME pain in my feet! I used to go to the chiropractor a couple times a week due to extreme tightness on my right side. Now I have more time to enjoy rollerskating, hiking and mountain biking. I can not thank you enough!”

Julie, Texas

Customer for 4 years

“I have been on the Total Body ReSet formulas since 2013 and never miss a day, but ReStructure is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I had a sore on my forearm that just would not heal. I knew it had to be some kind of skin cancer but I also knew it would eventually heal. I noticed a change in the sore the 2nd day of taking ReStructure. I am eternally grateful.”

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